Date: 10.7.2013 – 31.12.2014

Project in a nutshell:

The goal of the project TABOO TOPICS OPENLY was to increase awareness of young people about drugs and sex and also to increase availability of harm reduction services. We were, in this way, reacting to trend of increasing prevalence of drug using among young people and increasing vulnerability from the STD’s and HIV/AIDS transfer point of view. The project was operated by young people for young people – at places where it is most needed – in recreational environment of youth (festivals, clubs) and on the Internet.


Youth outreach work in recreational settings

  • we visited 8 events for young people - in clubs or during open-air festivals (e.f.Pohoda festival, BeeFree festival, event BeeFree Warm-up)
  • we contacted more than 4000 young people
  • we carried out more than 3000 counsultations with young people (on topic of drugs and safer sex)
  • we carried out more than 2000 workshops about safer sex

Online interventions

  • within the project we renewed web page
  • on web page you find information about different drugs, help and also various tips to reduce harm during drug use
  • we carried out online counseling via web site 100-times
  • opened online advisory service on twice a week

Campaing focused the spring and autum 2014 we  implemented preventive campaign in specific clubs in Bratislava, which was focused on harm reduction in drug use.

Download graphic of campaign (only in Slovak language).

Involvement and support of volunteers

Development of volunteer work with youth is a part of the project, while in this project some volunteers operate and provide services to young people on festivals or provide help via online interventions. In case of interest in volunteer work, send your CV and letter of motivation to coordinator of the project: Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebuješ mať nainštalovaný JavaScript.

See the success of project in 2013 in numbers.

Printouts (only in Slovak language):

Program SEX/DRUGS is among youth for 13 years

Drugs in clubs are not taboo

Odyseus advices how to party safer during open-air festivals

Hepatitis C - every 50 man

Project was supported by Iceland, Liechenstain and Norway via Active citizenship and Inclusion project, which is provided by Ekopolis foundation in cooperation with Foundation for Children of Slovakia and SOCIA – Foundation for Social Changes.


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